We Have Gameplay

A couple of days late but much the wiser ūüôā
Gameplay is now functional.. in that.. you can start a level and win it.

Here’a quick rundown of some of the new features.

  • The most important (that you cant see) is the new background simulation of the gameplay. ¬†This ensures that bolts and enchantments are registered properly.. even if the framerate goes to hell.
  • Items are now fully enchantable. ¬†They have a start and end state with misc metadata for use later on down the line.
  • The formula track represents the bolts needed to enchant properly.
  • We have a speed selector, this was a nice ‘free’ bonus of¬†separating¬†out the logic from the display.
  • Levels have names, a constructor and can be passed from state to state.
  • We have a text writer with a nice font.
  • Oh yeah more final artwork is falling into place.

Next up:

  • splitters. ¬†gotta stop pushing that off.
  • rotator modifiers
  • sound for bolts when they hit enchantable object. ¬†and to add a playback button on the formula. So you can hear the CADENCE of the ENCHANTABLE item.. get it? ¬†I thought this stuff through eh? ¬† That and it makes troubleshooting your placement easier.
  • The toolbox area needs graphics.
  • The dialogs need graphics.
  • placeables need graphics.
  • particles need gra… well you get the drift.
  • oh yeah.. more levels.

Wish I could take a week sabbatical to do nothing but this.. but for now a couple hours here and there is all I’ve got.

We’re halfway through the contest… and I’ve just now got the essentials done.. Looks like there may be some long nights ahead.

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