Tournament results

Well I had a little tournament tonight. Cutter was back and kicked butt. Everything went smoothly and everyone seemed to have fun.
Next time I definatly want to get more than 4 people showing up though. But that’s still enough for a full match and some more great feedback.

Here’s a couple more shots from the game.

Basic feedback is good. People like the game, the new instructions made sense and the 2 new guys who played tonight were able to jump in with just one warmup game.

The request for the bot selector control to be sticky (if you launch a bot and right now it resets to bomb bot) is definatly worth implementing as it will let you get the inital defenses up faster.

Also some throtteling issues on the console (ie people clicking faster than the server can handle) needs some exploration.

I had a bot appear and not get its programming again… i wish i could replicate that consistently.

Little things.

Didn’t get to spend much time online yesterday.

I did however manage to get the new quickstart help completed and displayed in world.

Managed to reacquire my last 512 that my tier supports in Junghee so I’ve got some more prims to play with so I can start tweaking the arena with some decorations.

Quick update…

Got an offline IM from Dreilex saying he’s got the insectoid side of bots all textured. I’ll upload a piccy as soon as I get them (hopefully tonight).

I’ve got the screenshots for the quickstart guide and Hope to assemble them tonight and get them in world so I can ditch the video.

Automatic Startup Timer and a new me!

Added in a timer state switch for the main console so that after X players join the game goes into automatic 90 second countdown and starts the game, after which the timerstate is set to gameTimeout mode which will shut off a running game after 25 minutes.

The good news is that this lets me easily add future time modes so in the long run it was worth the restructuring of the backend to make room for it.

Finally got my new body a bit closer to what I envisioned it to be.
Still have a significant amount of scripting I want to add to it just for fun :).

Judging from peoples’ reaction non humanoid AVs is proving interesting. I’ll post more about that after I get some more time under the hood.

My little corner plot of land got sold so that’s a good thing, but now I’m running a bit short of prims in Junghee but it’s gonna be a while before that becomes a real issue.

Modicrum of progress…

Well I wound up having less free time to spend coding on the project that I would have liked today. Still I made some pretty good progress. I managed to take the Join game buttons and attach em to the command consoles so its easier to join a game from the start positions.
Added some more text to the announcer and fixed a bug where it was miscalculating the number of active players.
Note to self: NULL_KEY != “”

Also put a slight delay between the time the obstacles of each side call llFrand to smooth out the distribution a bit. That’s what I get for useing a time based random function on identical functions called at the same time…

Saw the next two insect bots which will round up the green side. Some minor tweaking on the shapes aside, I’m looking forward to seeing them with textures. I also got a peek at some concept art for the other sides, there’s some interesting proposals but not quite the look I was going for.

Yeah I’m a picky bastard like that.

Still I’ve sunk too much time and money into this project not to make damn sure it turns out how I envison it.

Anyway its getting to the point of feature freeze and start working on the arena and script security so I can implement the monetary functionality.

Good Day..

Good day in SL.
Made the BombBots Group. Got the home bases disappearing like they’re supposed to when the player is killed.. granted the default stati is still 50% transparent and leads to some confusion. But that’s a Trivial Fix.

Big Big kudos to my friend Fina Deladda who was kind and generous enough to move and sell me her land so I now have 2048m of space to work with.. I still have ~400 prims to spare. (with 166 reserved for the bots and their effects)

In addition on a personal note I made a couple new friends and played the social butterfly for a while.. which is a nice change from looking at code.

Didnt get as much testing done as I would have liked, but I did get to test the new obstacles and they work well. However I am still unable to duplicate the seizing of the shieldbot that’s happened 3 times.

Obstacles, new bots and Planned Tournament

Well I was able to get the randomly placed obstacles appearing on the board yesterday. I must say that I think that it changes the game dynamic a good bit.

I also upgraded my tier and acquired some more land so the Prim limit for each bot is now 12. So I’ve not got room for a welcome area and such.

I hired Dreilex Eusebio to design some new bots for the individual sides after I saw the Insectile GunBot he whipped together yesterday in 10 minutes and even without final textures it’s wicked badass. I’m so excited to have each side have a different ‘style’. So far its looking like ‘Insectoid’, ‘Nuclear steampunk’, ‘Humanoid’, and possibly ‘Alien’ for each of the sides, but nothing is final yet. I’ll post a screenie as soon as I get the final textured version.

With the new obstacles in the game and i have 1 more feature to add, I plan on having another testing/tournament this weekend. I would also like to have a group formed where I can announce testing events.

So much to do and so little spare time.

So.. What the hell is it really?

That’s the big question isn’t it.

Where do I draw the line as being beyond the scope of the project, determine what features need to be put in and which ones won’t work?

So to begin, BombBots is a 1-4 player game set in the virtual world of Second Life. BombBots is a real-time strategic board game.

  • Real-time in the sense that the game progresses regardless of player interaction.
  • Strategic in the sense that the players have to plan ahead the behavior of their bots on the board and anticipate the behavior of the bots programmed by their opponents.
  • Board game in that the gameplay arena is broken down into a distinct grid (like chess). Thus implying that time and space are broken down into a set of distinct absolutes for each game (turns or clicks, and X & Y locations)

How It’s Played: Each player has access to Bots, with the purpose of detonating a BombBot on one of the 3 vulnerable squares in front of the other players. Each Bot must be programmed before being created onto the game board. Once a Bot is on the game board it is autonomous and the player has no control over it anymore. Bots are not intelligent and will only perform their program, even if that program involves running into walls, bots, or other self destructive actions.

How It’s Managed: The game system, should be self contained and reqire no constant maintenance. The game system should be intelligent to recognize it’s state and reset itself in case of abandoned games, and or give passerbys the ability to cancel an abandoned game in progess. However the admin should have the ability to configure overarching play configurations. Such as, but not limited to, pay to play settings, house taking a cut, and sweetening the pot in case of tournaments.

Object & Scripting Autonomy: Game components are to be self contained and inter object communications are to be kept to a minimun and Objects shall be aware of the game state and functionality (such as extra listens, link messages etc) shall be deactivated when they’re not needed in order to limit world script load.

Development Criteria: Everything will be written for worst case conditions, ie high lag and latency, redundancy systems will be put in place to prevent lag clicking and missed server updates. Well to the best of the ability to do so in LSL.

Feedback & Testing: Feedback from testing is high priority. Find and tweak what maintains fun and enjoyment. If it’s not fun it’s a waste of time.

That’s a good start. Any feature and or change which does not pertain/enhance the core game or the enjoyment thereof needs to be examined in great detail before consideration.

Well might as well pretend to be organized

OK so starting a dev journal in the middle of development may not be the brightest thing I’ve ever done… But as the scope of BombBots has grown and grown from beyond a simple little move across the board game to something with multiple unit types, and a whole slew of features and planned enhancments and changes I figure it’s about time to get organized.

So.. first things first.

Time to define the project and its goals.

Then the work list of things to do.

Complex tasks that require experimentation before implementation and the processes needed for that will be journalled here as well.