Playing with Painter (take 2)

OOPs deelted this accidentally earlier. Lets see if this works.

Finally got around to watching some of my painter tutorials and just getting comfortable with the basic tools of painter. Its way different from Adobe’s suite of tools but its finally starting to feel comfortable.

Eventually I took this into photoshop to do some final tweaky bits and immediately it was noticeable how much extra work it is to introduce the texture in painting with photoshop.

Productivity Paint & Pretty Lines

Soo it’s been a fairly productive beginning of November.  I’ve got the version 1.0 of the new up and running.  Still need to put up some instructions etc etc.  But the core functionality is there and it works fine.

Yaay and It’s actually quite addictive, and embeddable into myspace/facebook etc etc.  I’ve got a whole list of secondary features to add to it and minor bugs to iron out.  

I’ve been playing with the acrylics again and starting to get a feel for it.  Maybe things actually get easier with practice…. nahh.  Anyway it was quite fun  to just glop paint around and see what emerged.  Can’t wait to do it again.


just messing around
just messing around

Oh well back to the salt mines.

Halloween part deux

And the work continues…

After some sanding the mask is given a nice even coat of grey primer.


Then the fun part, painting with acrylics,  something that I’ve been experimenting with more and more lately so its nice to get a chance to just go a little crazy.  I decided to go for more festive instead of dullish realistic colors.

After a bit more touch up and drybrushing workI grabbed some black ribbon and ran it through the holes and tried to figure out a way that would let me put it on myself, since holding the mask and tying 2 bows on the back of my head turned out to be… problematic.   I wound up just holding the mask in place and pulling all the ribbons tight and then taking it off and tying all 4 ribbons together a little closer in than I had been holding it.  This gave me a nice knot that i can grab on the back of my head and slide down to snap everything in place.  It actually feels quite comfortable, surprising considering its weight.  But it pulls tight against the forehead and rests on the frame of my glasses evenly.

Next up I got a small childrens black T-shirt and cut it in half and glued it to the bottom lining of the mask.Rinse and repeat for the other half of the shirt on the top part of the mask.

Put it together with a black shirt and the hooded robe and you get something like this. (Yeah its blurry I’ll get a better shot tomorrow) The glue still needs to cure and the fumes were burning my eyes a bit.

Witcher – first impression

Ok, so the initial download is 14gb… ouchy… so that took most of a day.

Wow.. this does not feel like the old Neverwinter Aurora engine. (or look like it for that matter) 

Just about an hour into it, the first 15 minutes were intro videos and cutscenes and some in-game cutscenes.  I didn’t skip any of them, very well done and felt like either a solid introduction to things or tied into the game seamlessly.  Combat is more diablo than NWN but then again I’m not all the way throught the tutorial part so that may change.  

Its pretty, very pretty, and architectually things feel more authentic than most western rpgs’ attempts at a ruined castle. 

If the story is half as good as the reviews make it out to be the enhanced edition is going to put up on hell of a fight for RPG of the year.  (Fallout 3 has got it’s work cut out for it.)