Discover a hidden magical world that lies right outside the door, inhabited by enchanting and mystical creatures.

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I try to capture the art of the fey creatures that live in this magical world. Through paintings and artwork, I try to capture these whimsical beings come to life in a way that’s both inspiring, enchanting and reflects the nature within and around us all.

Crepe Myrtle Fairy – 8×10 oil on canvas
Lady Poppy – 11×14 oil on canvas

Join me on a journey into a world of wonder and imagination, where the natural world is infused with magic and the ordinary becomes extraordinary. Discover the hidden beauty and marvels that lie just beyond our everyday reality and explore the fey version of the nature all around us.

Embrace the magic and wonder that exists all around us and explore the enchanting world. So, come along and immerse yourself in this fascinating realm where anything is possible, and surprises await around every corner.

Elfin Thyme Fairy
Elfin Thyme Fairy – 8×10 oil on canvas

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  • Stalling into Spring
    Been an odd two weeks, but it finally seems like Spring has settled in… so that’ll be a nice months before the oven gets turned on high. So a bit of time has been spent in the weekends Work on the next Undine painting is just about… Read more: Stalling into Spring


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