Past Projects

Here’s some of the projects I’ve done for clients.

E-Votive Candle Web Application

I developed an interactive web page that integrated with their existing content / donation portal which would let users light virtual votive candles that would then burn for nine days before extinguishing.  As of June 2012 over 140,000 prayer requests have been exported and sent to Rome to be blessed.

Highlight Features:

  • Seamless integration with existing CMS
  • Deep Facebook integration with each candle, allowing users to share and have facebook comments.
  • Rich HTML email feedback
  • Export to Excel reporting for sending the prayer requests to Rome.

Volunteering Application with Blackbaud (Convio Luminate) & integration

A vigil shift management solution that allows for users to sign up for shift locations and individual shifts.  Tightly integrated into 3rd party solutions.

Highlight Features:

  • Single sign-on application that authenticates via Convio’s system and polls Salesforce for user data
  • Multiple location (300+) multi calendar volunteer management system.
  • Tiered user rights and credentials.
  • Asynchronous data flow from calendar system into
  • Intuitive html and CSS interface.

Other Project Experience:

Other projects I’ve developed for my employment (ie my dayjob)

Multi-Site CMS and Franchise Management System

Massive project which evolved from a custom CSM for managing an intranet (franchisee only) website and 2 front facing website into a massive Franchise Management solution.  Including Financial  tracking, reporting and Year, Quarterly, Monthly and Weekly analysis and comparisons.

Highlight Features:

  • Custom CMS from the ground up
  • Developed comprehensive financial reporting system that aggregates weekly financial data
  • Integrated a custom local marketing solution so franchisees could access and customize marketing materials relevant to national campaigns
  • Tied into e-commerce shopping cart (zen-cart) for franchisees to order materials directly from the website

Event Notification System

Developed a notification system for events (conferences etc.) where attendees could sign up to be notified via SMS, e-mail, or twitter during the event so they can stay aware of any schedule changes or upcoming breakout sessions.

Highlight Features:

  • Integration with SMS provider allowing rapid deployment of updates
  • Support for multiple providers and events while utilizing existing CMS’s authentication system.
  • Integrated custom twitter application so each event can be tied to separate Twitter accounts.
  • Delayed message Sending.