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Slow progress, but good things none the less

Wow time sure does fly, and whoa am I so totally not going to make the Oct 31 deadline! Which more or less means that November and December are going to be choked with Holidays and Family.

And it turns out there’s a little baby boy inbound, eta Feb 25(ish) (holy crap!)

So that has got to be more or less the last deadline, beacause somehow I don’t think there’s gonna be much free time after that for a while.

So, you might ask, what the hell have you been doing for the last 18 days.   Well, Mutant Sheep progress has been slow… much slower than I wanted but I seriously needed a break. More After the Break, Pictures too!So having been Marvelously inspired by Super GFW over at and watching her paint and get messy all over the kitchen.  I just had to have a go at it.

But First I had some WAY overdue paintings for Lil Niece Mia who was returning to the country  Oct 1.

So  after much obsessing and sketching I wound up with 2 11×18 canvases

lion n Tucan


So after that I was on a roll and Ready to slap some paint around.

First up was just a basic 2 hour blending exercise on a 8×11 canvasboard

I should go back and finish the background on it, maybe…

Then after that I had this wonderful 12 x 24 Museum canvas that I was dying to slap some paint on.

I wound up with a wood nymphy type critter lady.  (it looks better in real life the computer makes the color blanch a good bit)

The Green Lady of the Forest.

Overall I’m happy with it. The atmospheric perspective  worked better than I had hoped and the Musculature shading works overall.   Compositionally though, it’s a bit eerie, her eye wound up dead center, which is kinda disquieting.

Overall I’m  happy with it, and plan on going back in a month or two and making a series of refining tweaks.  But I’m gonna not look at it for a while so to see it with fresh eyes.  I Have a 24×24 blank canvas sitting behind me right now.. It wants something red and firey on it..

But first


Now I haven’t been completely unproductive, the rules have gotten a fairly comprehensive re-write for clarification and another 11 cards (see this post’s image for 3 of em) have been Drawn, Inked, and scanned,  and 4 other cards have been painted and are ready to be placed.

This weekend I plan to at least paint those 11 and get them placed.   Oh and I also did an asset audit and made a nice excel sheet so I can see exactly how much I’ve got to go at all times. Total assets are 978mb as of now, stored in a subversion repository mirrored on a personal server with backups on 3 distinct physical locations.

Ok that’s It for today.

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  1. CONGRATUALTIONS! On the baby boy ‘inbound’ 😛 I am also looking forward to the mutant sheep, and will most probably buy it 🙂 (or at least I hope to).

    Some very nice paintings there too!

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