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The first of 2 paintings for Jude’s baby room is finished and the second one is on the drawing board.   So that’s progress.

Hang the Stars from the Moon

Freelance work has actually been pretty busy so that’s been sapping a good bit of the ol’ come home from work and work on pet projects enthusiasm.  However I’ve got a good chunk of time mentally set aside here in the near future to get to grinding out the updated art for the cards.   So hopefully I can get the Mutant Sheep out the door.  And start one of the other two game ideas that have been percolating for a couple months. Very exciting stuff.

But right now, it’s pretty much all baby all the time.

On the games front there’s a couple little tidbits worth sharing.   I finally beat Mirror’s Edge which was surprisingly good and different, not sure why it go panned so bad when it came out.   Metaplace, Raph Koster’s mmo brainchild, closed down, which isn’t entirely unexpected since it felt so un-rooted and essentially wound up more of a chat room than it did a fully customizable world.  It’s still kinda sad after following his blog and twits for a couple years and knowing how hard those guys worked for it.  Dragon Age, is deep and spectacular, and definitely not default to easy mode, which is nice.   Solium Infernum, is mind bendingly complex and looks to have the award for best Play By Email game of the decade wrapped up.  (anyone up for a game? email me)

Board game wise..

My copy of Pandemic has arrived and we’ve played a couple games.  It’s a bit of a mental twist to be playing cooperatively against the game, but very refreshing.  So far we’ve mastered easy mode and haven’t lost yet and need to kick it up a difficulty, the awesome thing is that you can play a game in about an hour to hour and 1/2.

Also glaring evilly at me from my shelf of recent aquisitions is a copy of Arkham Horror, also an entirely cooperative affair we’ve yet to play it, as it looks to be a 2-4 hour thing and we havent had that kind of time (and go figure it’s gonna take longer for the first game).  Interestingly enough, it allows 1 player games as well.

And we need to play more Decent while we’re at it.

Hmm wonder if we can mandate a monthly game day in the house?