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What’s that weird thing above about?? Well Every day at work I have a whiteboard behind me, and Every day I make a little scribble or something while warming up my first cuppa coffee (shade grown, south american organic breakfast blend FTW!)

So I’ve collected them together and started a pseudo comic thingie.

you can see em all Here The last 60 days have been counting down an office mate’s trip to Kenya and started with a simple scribble of a lion in the top left corner along with a number.   Unfortunately I didn’t know I’d be keeping them all so I only have 18 or so images so far.   But the basic story seems to come across.


Ok so remember that super productive week thing?.. well ok It tunred out to be a couple of days.. then errands etc etc kinda ran interference and messed up parts of it.

I’ve got some awesome oil painting getting done and and super excited by the amount of cool freelance stuff that’s pouring this way!   However, the sheep.. well… I got a handful done.. so the traction is a little slow in getting going on that front.  Also GFW is having all sorts of fun with Kelly Rae’s Flying Lessons e-Course and that’s been educational for us both.

More funs stuff coming along all weekend, with plans galore of starting the whole health food thing againg and more happy crazy goodness.

Anyway, I’ve got a sleeping baby and a canvas to go screw up.