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Month 3 – Concept Masking Critters

So Month 3 of the Oatley Academy’s Magic Box course dropped and I’ve been devouring the videos.  Despite them being repeatedly saying how dull Photoshop masking is, I’m having one heck of a time with the assignment.  (Maybe I’m a overcompensating for working on the lady gazelle for 2 months a bit)

Basically, stage 1, make a scribble with a lasso and make it into a mask and scribble some more with the lasso tool until an interesting silhouette appears and then lasso some more to add patterns and texture and see if interesting interior shapes appear and then turn it into something interesting.

Anyway after some head bashing failures.failures


I managed to come up with 2 critters I like.



I call him Mr. Maggenpye,  he’s some sort of scavenger/used junk dealer who travels the land digging around for easy profit.




Dewdrop, some sort of miniature plant horse that roots about your vegetable garden, a favorite steed for the elfin folk.

Total time ~2hrs.