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What’s Next- 30 days of drawing

So I discovered that the focus of having a real imaginary (??!) deadline helped keep me focused even when the epic skies image was wearing me down.  So I made a list of all the things that I know I really need to work on and came up with a list.  Then I organized that list based on  a. how fundamental it is, and b. how much improvement I think i can get froma month’s worth of focused study.

And so it came to be that the next 30 days will be spend doing 1,2 and 5 minute life drawing gestures (using a wonderful Youtube channel called the Croquis Cafe)

Since my morning time is about to be truncated by kids and school prep, I’ve got exactly an hour before work.  Which is enough for 2 of the life drawing gestural sessions.  Then my hope is to putter away in the evening doing some more magic box lesson work and / or  just making smaller experimental things (like the crazy guy below).

hair dude rocker

Other than that here’s the first 5 days of gesture studies.  It’s pretty easy to see which are the 1 2 and 5 minute drawings.  I’ve notated which Youtube week / session each group is from, in case I need to go back and redo / refine some of them.  It may actually be fun to re-do the first few on the last few days to see if there’s been any improvement.