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23 – Farewell 2022

22 was an incredible year spent in study and exploration and a result of over 1,200 feet of drawings and studies. It was absolutely amazing. I couldn’t have done it without the amazing mentorship of drawsfromlife and Steve Huston’s instruction. The heartsight approach to create was something truly unexpected, but I can’t imagine moving forward without it. I was looking for mechanical instruction on drawing the figure but got a new way of looking at the art I’m creating as something more. To be able to think about the reflection of life in the strokes and flow of energies in a drawing and to create that with intent, that’s a daunting goal. Well both daunting and a bit audacious. But we all gotta learn to walk the walk some time.

And I’m excited as hell for it.

So to start off this new chapter in the adventure a day spent in cleaning up and focusing on making the space for myself was well spent.

And so I’m setting out and still plan on studying figures and anatomy more, because there’s no shortage of things to master, but I’m excited to start to transform these greater truths and explore deeper connections within the medium itself and the hand and the magical world that surrounds us once we chip off the systems that encase us with comfort and safe ideas that have been sanitized.

The fairy of poppies invites you to rest, to relax in the subtle comforts, but she’ll not tarry long for she knows that should she linger, your comfort becomes complacency, stagnation and eventually endless sleep.