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New Work and busy times

Undine Sketch 1

I’ve settled on a theme for the next series of paintings, the Undine. Beautiful water spirits rising from the water as they discover love yet dealt a tragic fate should their lover become unfaithful to them. I want to capture the fluid watery essence of them and give thought to the mournful tragedy of their inevitable betrayal from those they love.

It will be at least a series of 3 16×20 paintings and I’ve already got the first board primed and on the easel, waiting for me to finish the drawing.

Other website work has still been trucking along, I ‘think’ I’ve got the gallery applied to stripe but have some modifications to do because it currently gives no way to limit the purchase or quantity of paintings. So perhaps it will be best to re-configure the paintings to be using some other shopping cart and just keep the prints using the functionality. Which I’m hoping to be able to roll out the ability to purchase prints very soon. There’s just a whole lot of things to take care of with files and thumbnails etc.

But it’s been a productive week and I’m excited to into the canvas.