Eat the Earth!

A game of Mutant Sheep Eat the Earth! in progress.

What is it?

Mutant Sheep Eat The Earth! is an exciting card game for 2-5 players where each player assumes the role of a sheep herder / mad scientist guiding a flock of sheep around the world.  The players mutate their own and other player’s sheep in order to eat more of the Earth than the other player’s flocks.

What does it look like?

Well, here’s a picture of a game in progress from our beta testing.

Since this was a beta game, all the art on the cards was not finished.  When the game is complete every card will have a unique full color illustration on it.  And also the Blue counter pile has been replaced with a simple board for keeping track of it.

Some of the Sheep Cards

How do you play it?

Details and Rules and more are coming soon.  Hopefully we’ll have a couple videos explaining it as well.  But it’s a card game where there is a location card in the middle of the table and the players have their sheep arranged around the table.    During each player’s turn their sheep eat away at the location in the middle.  The player who’s sheep eats the last part of a location gets a point.

Where can I buy it?

When we’re done, you will be able to buy it from the awesome guys at via our upcoming website ( we plan on offering some copies directly from this website as well.

But not yet. Sorry. 🙁

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