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WAR and other GOO-ddies

So at this point Warhammer thoroughly has its claws in me.  Little time to play any of the other things (like The Witcher which was getting really interesting when I got distracted).

The new Brothers in Arms came out last week and my pre-order activated, maybe got 2-3 hours with it so far.  It’s very pretty and the gameplay is just as involving as the previous BiA games with awesome ingame cinematics and storytelling.  Very nice for a Tactical FPS fix.

The world of Goo releases today.  It has been getting spectacular reviews across the world, looks like it’s this year’s Portal.  And it’s supposed to be beatably short and a joy throughout so that’s definatly getting picked up this week.

But the Xmas release avalance is definatly getting underway.

Here’s a few highlights:

  • Oct 17: X3: Terran Conflict
  • Oct 20, Dead Space
  • Oct 21, Far Cry 2
  • Oct 28, Fallout 3
  • Nov 11, Call of Duty : World at War
  • Nov 17, Left 4 Dead
  • Nov 18, Tomb Raider: Underworld
And that’s just the next 30 days…
Well.. Time for the reviewers to get busy cuz Im probably gonna miss most of those.