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Hmm, so spore is out.

Played it a bunch for the last couple days and still kinda not sure what I think about it.  Which is, well, kinda weird.  Some parts are good, very good in fact. Some parts  not so much.  But the exploration factor.. wow.. just wandering around and seeing the other critters that exist, if you at all enjoy a trip to the zoo you’ll be well pleased.

A small ookiness factor, and I’m not sure exactly how I feel about it.  Just by sigining into the spore online world (as prompted to do so at the game startup) it turns out everything I create winds up online for other people to see..  Which is.. a little invasive.. in my opinion..

Anyway, It’s a nice little toy that Im sure to play with for a long time.

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Another weekend gone..

Ahh another weekend come and gone.

Lots and lots of musing about game dev type stuff not sure if anything will actually come of it, whatever.. no biggies. 

ArmA, specifically the player made ‘Evolution Blue’ level, may well be the best co-op fps game ever.  Spent most of satuday clearing out the first two and a half towns gaining some ranks, driving & flying some bigger and more well armed vehicles.  The only thing it needs are some better tutorials on how to manage your squaddies.  It’s one heck of a learning curve but when you get the hang of it rolling into a hostile town with your squad is well worth it.  Heck,  I’d buy a game just based off this one level (if they fixed a couple little bugs too).

Elsewhere.. Spore releases today.  (download currently at 42%), totally promises a fun and addictive toy to play with for a loong time.  The creature creator (free trial here) shows off the versatility of the game.