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Let the holiday rush begin.

Well the holiday gaming season looks to be kicking off a bit early this year.

Here’s my shortlist:

  • Rockband 2
  • Warhammer online
  • The witcher enhanced edition
  • X3:Terran Conflict
  • Crysis: Warhead
  • Brothers in Arms: Hells Highway
  • Lost in Blue: shipwrecked
  • Lego Batman
Yeah.  That’s just september. Ie, 2 weeks.   Rockband, is a must before x-mas but since its a party game it’s not that important.  I’d say witcher and x3 are the 2 biggies.. granted I pre-ordered Brothers in Arms a long time ago (steam had a bundle deal).  Might give WAR a month after launch or two before sinking into another mmo.  Yeah, and october looks to be just as full of noteworthy releases.