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Automatic Startup Timer and a new me!

Added in a timer state switch for the main console so that after X players join the game goes into automatic 90 second countdown and starts the game, after which the timerstate is set to gameTimeout mode which will shut off a running game after 25 minutes.

The good news is that this lets me easily add future time modes so in the long run it was worth the restructuring of the backend to make room for it.

Finally got my new body a bit closer to what I envisioned it to be.
Still have a significant amount of scripting I want to add to it just for fun :).

Judging from peoples’ reaction non humanoid AVs is proving interesting. I’ll post more about that after I get some more time under the hood.

My little corner plot of land got sold so that’s a good thing, but now I’m running a bit short of prims in Junghee but it’s gonna be a while before that becomes a real issue.