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Modicrum of progress…

Well I wound up having less free time to spend coding on the project that I would have liked today. Still I made some pretty good progress. I managed to take the Join game buttons and attach em to the command consoles so its easier to join a game from the start positions.
Added some more text to the announcer and fixed a bug where it was miscalculating the number of active players.
Note to self: NULL_KEY != “”

Also put a slight delay between the time the obstacles of each side call llFrand to smooth out the distribution a bit. That’s what I get for useing a time based random function on identical functions called at the same time…

Saw the next two insect bots which will round up the green side. Some minor tweaking on the shapes aside, I’m looking forward to seeing them with textures. I also got a peek at some concept art for the other sides, there’s some interesting proposals but not quite the look I was going for.

Yeah I’m a picky bastard like that.

Still I’ve sunk too much time and money into this project not to make damn sure it turns out how I envison it.

Anyway its getting to the point of feature freeze and start working on the arena and script security so I can implement the monetary functionality.