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Good Day..

Good day in SL.
Made the BombBots Group. Got the home bases disappearing like they’re supposed to when the player is killed.. granted the default stati is still 50% transparent and leads to some confusion. But that’s a Trivial Fix.

Big Big kudos to my friend Fina Deladda who was kind and generous enough to move and sell me her land so I now have 2048m of space to work with.. I still have ~400 prims to spare. (with 166 reserved for the bots and their effects)

In addition on a personal note I made a couple new friends and played the social butterfly for a while.. which is a nice change from looking at code.

Didnt get as much testing done as I would have liked, but I did get to test the new obstacles and they work well. However I am still unable to duplicate the seizing of the shieldbot that’s happened 3 times.