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Obstacles, new bots and Planned Tournament

Well I was able to get the randomly placed obstacles appearing on the board yesterday. I must say that I think that it changes the game dynamic a good bit.

I also upgraded my tier and acquired some more land so the Prim limit for each bot is now 12. So I’ve not got room for a welcome area and such.

I hired Dreilex Eusebio to design some new bots for the individual sides after I saw the Insectile GunBot he whipped together yesterday in 10 minutes and even without final textures it’s wicked badass. I’m so excited to have each side have a different ‘style’. So far its looking like ‘Insectoid’, ‘Nuclear steampunk’, ‘Humanoid’, and possibly ‘Alien’ for each of the sides, but nothing is final yet. I’ll post a screenie as soon as I get the final textured version.

With the new obstacles in the game and i have 1 more feature to add, I plan on having another testing/tournament this weekend. I would also like to have a group formed where I can announce testing events.

So much to do and so little spare time.