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Next up…..

Got the optional Hud mechanics figured out in my noggin. Now to just create it and make it work. Should be about a day’s worth of work. Maybe a day and a half since I’m adding the ‘console touched only by current player’ code in as well..

Played a bit with putting in the insectbots and it’s not looking good. The sensors are not aligned properly and the center of each bot varies thus forcing me to go to potentially 12 different codebases with 12 different sensors from the current 3 codebases using 1 identical sensor. The script changes which would be needed are quite significant. I may have to push this off until I can make BombBots2 : the unlimited prim version.

I’ll do some more poking at it but it’s beginning to delay the project and I’m really itching to finish this thing up. Technically I’m not on a deadline, but I know my attention span. And it’s already been 2 months on this project and I was able to force me to stop coding on my avatar.. Next time I may not be so lucky. 🙂