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Tournament results

Well I had a little tournament tonight. Cutter was back and kicked butt. Everything went smoothly and everyone seemed to have fun.
Next time I definatly want to get more than 4 people showing up though. But that’s still enough for a full match and some more great feedback.

Here’s a couple more shots from the game.

Basic feedback is good. People like the game, the new instructions made sense and the 2 new guys who played tonight were able to jump in with just one warmup game.

The request for the bot selector control to be sticky (if you launch a bot and right now it resets to bomb bot) is definatly worth implementing as it will let you get the inital defenses up faster.

Also some throtteling issues on the console (ie people clicking faster than the server can handle) needs some exploration.

I had a bot appear and not get its programming again… i wish i could replicate that consistently.