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Scripting back into flatland and looking at the horizon

After even more playtesting and generally having a good time with the bombbots game in SL it’s time to consider the long term goals of the project.
Initially it was just to get a handle on LSL and do something fun, but after spending months at work on it I’m beginning to reach the realization that the limits of LSL are going to make distribution of the build a problem. At least any type of automated distribution.

But that shouldnt be insurmountable.. the bigger problem is marketing, hosting and general word of mouth about the product.. Whoring myself or my work has never been my strong point.

So the priorities as of now are a complete feature freeze, fix the stalled bot bug, and lock down the console to the active player. Once that’s done then Create the little seperate Tournament Manager device which pays attention to who is playing and winning and handles the L$.

Now If I wasn’t so damnned burned out I could probably do this in a week or so.

That and I want to make a stand alone version of this, and I’ve got the tools to do it.
That’s the real hard part about pet projects…forcing yourself to do the crap parts as well as the fun stuff.

Well if nothing else blogging about it tightens my resolve.