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Thoughts and the Debris of Idle Minds

It is so easy to mentally become overwhelmed at what is left to do.

My typical train of thought is something like this…’Hmm Lets take a look at the hud. Wait then I’ll have to tell the hud when to activate, so I’ll need to modify the console, wait which console.. err.. ooh so the console will have to mirror the hud.. So all my buttons are going to have to be rewritten to be bi-directional.. So I’ll have to maintain state between the console and the hud .. Err… *sizzle* *sizzle* *pop*’ There go my neurons again…

And that is the way I have come to the revelation that it comes down to having to rewrite the majority of the console code (about a dozen scripts or so) if I want to use a hud, not to mention the lag the extra listeners/parsers are going to add. Or I could just remove the console altogether and force the use of the hud….

Unfortunately that seriously hampers the ease of use of the game so it’s not really an option. At least until I can force wear a hud to an avatar via a script.

Maybe setting the camera position when they join the game is an option, tilting the console around a bit so it’s easier to see from a more ‘over the shoulder’ camera POV will be the easiest solution.