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The To-Do List:

Potential features to add to the SL version.
Items in Green are done.

  • Dynamic (per game) Obstacles
  • Make Inactive/killed player home bases vanish during a game.
  • Single Player Functionality
  • Console Money management for betting and tournaments
  • New Join game process that’s console centered.
  • Console adustment, camera manipulation, or hud to make seeing the board and programming work easier together.
  • Disctinct bots per side. (in progress)
  • Replace Video Tutorial with quickstart visual panels.
  • More announcer comments. (ongoing)
  • Improved arena. (ongoing / pending land purchase)
  • Deployment Packaging so it deploys with a click and everything is in exactly the correct spot.
  • InterObject/AV security before implementing L$ based transactions.
  • Examine bot code for lag / stall with edited programming.
  • Force Kill active bots at the end of a match.
  • Automatic Start%