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Brave New World.

Well with the difficulty tracking down the ‘stillborn bot’ bug that still plagues me and the downright tediousness that fixing the console security tweak entails, I’ve started building bombBots in what I hope will become it’s final form off the Grid.

I started porting the game to TGB (torque game builder). So far I’ve got the console for programming the bot up and running (keyboard and mouse) The buttons still need a ‘click’ sound but that should not be that hard. A nice new feature I was able to add was a mini display of the entire program for the bot so you no longer have to remember how many times you hit forward etc etc..

Next up is a minimap where you can see a proxy bot move around as you enter the program.

I may take a break and go back to the hack at the SL version of the game this weekend. Ideally I’d like to be able to use the TGB & SL versions to cross promote each other eventually.

But the biggest problem with SL is turning out to be latency and extremely slow script performance.. And Junghee is usually a fairly light loaded server (6-14k ips) so maybe I’m just trying to do something that’s beyond the capabilities of of the Grid.

Oh and since I’ve never messed with the TGB networking it should get interesting… If not educational.. Well I’ve never messed with TGB before so it’s already educational. heh.