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Baby Steps.

Ok so not much time to work on the project today. Had a nice relaxing evening catching up on some tv though.. Some days it’s just nice to be able to not have to think after 6 pm.

Got about an hour to poke at things though and started to get some things to make sense. I still wish there was a more concise 1000 foot overview of how TGB actually worked. The whole scenegraph/viewport/gui/canvas thing is still a bit vauge for me..

But I did get the First level loading properly and pushed a custom GUI onto it and manged to get the 2 pcs inthe house to actually connect and say hello to each other.

Yeah sounds totally trivial any way I can think of it too.

Still it’s a bit of a personal Eureka! moment.

On a totally unrelated note, teh SciFi channel’s Eureka series is shaping up fairly well, and I watched an anime (50 eps) called Eureka Seven, I might have to pick that up if it comes to the states.

Second life, however, is closing it’s forums. I’m not sure how that’s going to affect the long term development of the world but it does feel like the developer is attempting to perform PR triage after a couple months of bad patches and half way solutions after opening up the world to everyone without any registration or verification. Not to mention some BIG and logtime supporters / developers in world have either left or gotten banned. The only thing that’s keeping the kiddie hordes away is that it looks like a 1990’s video game reject. So BombBots may or may not survive in SL as anything other than a prototype. I’ve just paid another month’s Tier and I’ll give it that long before I start to thing about just closing up shop there. But I am not planning on sinking any more development resources into it until things stablize.

Found some resources on how to make a perl based MasterServer for TGB so that should not be an issue anymore. Match making shoudl be fairly easy now.

Past my bedtime now. Gotta Crash.