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Wild world of checkers

Worked through some basic networking tutorials this weekend.

Gonna have to spend some time thinking about how to make the game behave according to a proper client – server configuration.. Right now I’m looking toward making the server just be a command relay from client0 to the other clients, thus making client0 the actual control center of the game.

But client0 and the server should in theory always be on the same PC so it should not create that much overhead. The hardest part will be coming up with a useful way to send the data i need to the clients. I think im going to have to insert another reference method for the bots. currently each client will just have a simObject containing a list of object refernces.. if I give each object a more generic method of being retrieved such as (player 3 bot 4) that should be easy to pass along..

Still more ponderings to get done before attacking it with an axe.