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Good progress

Well I checked in on Second Life. It’s still there.. no progress to report for now on it.. the more time I spend away from it the more I realize how shitty LSL is. So For now it’s just gonna be on hold.

I did finally register which is where things will be available from.

Made some really nice progress tonight. Ive got bots being able to detect collisions and damage each other. Pretty much now I just need multiple bots, proper networking, actually an instantiated game. Ok so there’s still massive amounts of work to do. But it’s way easier to work on than in SL. That might have something to do with the fact that I’ve already written everything once before.. Still Im learning the torque script on the fly so that should make up for it.

Man I cant wait for getting the networking up and running…. I may crack that nut tomorrow. 🙂

p.s. O I almost forgot.. I got a nice universal fade out function up and running.. That made implementing craters a snap. And they gradually fade away so the board doesn’t get covered in em. Puurty.