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It Lives! and Dies! and stuff in-between!

Got the pipeline to bring rendered stills into TGB all smoothed out. The most involved part was rendering a shadow pass and managing to get the resultant image into photshop as a psudo transparent layer so the final PNG includes translucent shadows for each frame of animation. I did wind up equilizing the levels of the individual frames, since the skylight shadows turned everything light grey resulting in a box around the final image. Yuck..

Other than that I’ve got bots being programmed, running their program and eventually dying at the end of their program… (not sure what kind of effect to indicate this with.. maybe sparks and a fade out…)

GarageGames release a 1.1.1 point release so I’ll be seeing how things work in the new update tonight.

Did a bit of reading about GUI controls as well over the last few days.. I may have to investigate replacing my imageSprite buttons with GUI based buttons instead.