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Yup… I was weak.   Warhammer Online is out and available online at EA’s web store.  Hmm I guess the downside of instant gratification online delivery is that I’ll never ever ever be bored again… or wealthy 🙂 

Overall they’ve done a great job with the in game systems, maps etc.  Pull up your map and quest locations are indicated in a faded red, so you always know where to go.   Quest rewards seem to be fairly varied with public quests being really cool and fun.  Yeah the whole public quests and open group concepts really go a long way as to breaking the ice and meeting people to play with.

The PvP parts of the game (which can give XP) are a blast and full of adrenaline.  I can’t wait to get to start doing the keep sieges etc.  

Class variation is pretty cool and at least the chaos classes are a lot of fun with unique playstyles (duel sword wielding melee healers anyone?) and runor has it they’re looking at putting some of the cut classes back in over the next couple months.

So how it’ll play out in the long run is anyone’s guess but the outlook is pretty good.  If my interest in the game plays out like DAoC / WoW  then I’m in for about 6 months or so before it just gets boring.  Guess I’ll find out.