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IMPOSTOR! getting over it

The most surprising thing from attending the Fantasy Art Workshop Illustration Intensive was how much it helped with overcoming the nagging self doubt of ‘impostor syndrome’. you know.. that feeling of “I guess I’m just a hobbyist, I don’t get to call myself a fantasy artist” etc etc.

You know.. all those voices in your head that chime up whenever you look at some professional’s work and realize how much better it is.

Turns out though… it’s pretty much all bullshit.  But I also know that reading it on the internet is essentially worthless in terms of actually getting you to accept it.

So you have to do something that’s probably terrifying to some degree.. go find a community art group, attend an event or workshop, go to a convention and hang out with the artists.

You’ll be amazed,  turns out they’re people too… with idols & doubts of their own.  It turns out that there isn’t a switch that gets flicked and you’re an artist.  Everyone just keeps making the best art they can and they Work at it.   But EVERYONE was terrible at some point, remembers it, and for the most part are very supportive of those of us who are still getting there. Which is funny because there is no ‘there’ go get to, we’re all on the same path, the scenery is just different further down the road, but they’re still on the road with miles to go as well.

Which is incredibly awesome.


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Milestone 1: Week 5 – the un-update

Short and to the point, having family in town all week and then a week’s worth of misc stuff to take care of over the weekend means 0hrs to allocate to GameDev this week.

That’s life, and I’m not going to beat myself up over it.  I’m just going to churn it out asap and then keep plugging away into the fun of Milestone 2!   Hope to have a start on that this week.

In the mean while, reboot yourself and get ready for Month 2 with this:

and some misc concept art scribble, which is the only creative thing I got done this week.

buggy concept