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Mutatant Sheep and other exciting things.

Whoa, I’ve been a bad blogger.  It’s been over two months since I updated this thing.  Time to get back in the swing of things then.

So after finishing the monster of all paintings, creativly, I was a bit drained.  So I spent about a month not really doing anything.. just recharging the old batteries.  Then via Raph Koster’sblog I heard of something super exciting!

A couple guys had gotten together and done a Print On Demand website.. where you can print Games!

Consequently my brain went into hyperdrive and threatened to explode.  I glanced at  one of my little doodles at work ( a gigantic 3 eyed sheep stomping around a landscape) and my next pet project was born.

So here I am, a little over a month later, over 50% of the way there with the final art (drawing and painting in photoshop 125 sheep is a lot of work, it turns out.)  And the cards are 90% of the way defined.  The immediate goal is to have all the cards put in their final state by next Monday, and then order a playtest set, for tweaking the numbers and mechanics while I wrap up the art.

Heres some of the cards
Here's some of the cards

Current statistics:

  • Total Cards: 125
  • Cards Drawn: 64
  • Cards Painted: 44
  • Cards Text Written:  75

4 thoughts on “Mutatant Sheep and other exciting things.

  1. Heh, glad to know it’s still going 🙂

    Do you think it will be a game with a cost or freeware? Just random curiosity

  2. Hey, thanks! BSDDoD! is still a work in progress. I ran into a couple brick walls in the gameplay that are gonna take reworking a fairly large chunk of the level generation for me to get going again on it. I’m thinking it’s gonna be some time this fall before I can convince myself to do it.

  3. Oh and one more thing, I have a great idea for a board game on their site.

    “Road Rage”

  4. Hey. Nice job. I will actually be very tempted to buy these, and let all my friends know about them.

    They look pretty sweet! Have you finished BSDDoD?

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