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New [Year, Goals, Work]

Wow, did that holiday season just fly by or what?

Well 2011 is here and has hit the ground running!

Already have the first several consulting projects up an in progress and have been doing some fun development stuff.

As the little green android above may have hinted at,  there’s a new platform of goodies in development.   I’m currently coming up to speed with Java and Android development… The first tiny title is coming along…. albeit it’s a lot of trial and error and research into getting things working properly.  Additionally, I’ve discovered Slick for Java and it’s seeming to be a nice and easy framework for LWJGL applications (ie .. games) …

Other than that.. it’s been a bonanza of games and fun.  Most notably  Minecraft.

We’ve got a mini server running on the laptop nearby and a couple of us have been building and exploring.  Hands down 2010’s game of the year for me.

A shot of the spawn area on our minecraft Server.

Anyway.. no new years post would be complete without some resolutions…

1 – Paint more.. I will finish my 2 oils, finish the 2 images in the elementelves series and at least two more pictures this year.. that’s one per every 2 months.

2- Finish the art on the Mutant Sheep Eat the Earth! game and get  a handful of decks out to testers.

3 – Launch an Android title on the marketplace

4 – Loose 25 lbs

5 – Enjoy the baby and cherish the family.