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Screenshot Saturday Delayed.

Well Friday the 15th was the halfway mark in the Slick contest.

I was hoping to have a glorious screenshot bonanza after a few more hours of work showing the completion of the core mechanics.  I’m  that close to having the functional workings of the gameplay.

Then mother nature decided to throw a hissy fit and bounce the power to the house 20-30 times in about an hour.  This, it turns out,  is bad for hard drives.  The surge protector did its job and the only damage was an irretrievably messed up FAT table on the primary drive.

So, time to re-install Vista…  followed by 2 days of patching and re-installing applications and now I’m basically back to where I was before..

On the upside, it was a wonderful weekend of just chilling with the family and going to bed early, and I know for sure now that my Backups are working.

So here’s the short list of things for basic feature completeness:

  • smooth interpolation of the tick based movement.. there’s hiccup in it currently
  • add dialogs for succeeding and failing enchants
  • get the ‘record’ mode of the solution to not mis time the first bolts
  • add splitters
Time to get to work!  well.. after work work that is..