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Goodbye April!

What a month!

Failing motherboards, hard drives, bad ram.  And an attempt at repairing the ol PC wound up eating most of the month.  Then when it turns out that the fixed PC isn’t stable I went ahead and just said screw it and bought a Dell.   It’s a monster of a system and hopefully My PC woes and troubles are finished for the next 3 years.

Then my phone / development test device died.

Yeah .. great.  Luckily T-Mobile’s warrenty replacement covered it.. and they shipped me a refurb replacement in short order.

It lasted until this Saturday when it died in the middle of sending a text.

In the middle of all that I did manage to get a single week’s worth of productive coding.  The odds got tweaked, the individual reels now run independently so they spin in a more convincing manner and two of the four power-ups are in there and working.

The powerup price increases every time you buy them so that balances them out a bit from overpowering everything.

The new template for the site is now active and It seems ok  I did loose the all the splash images for each of the posts though.. not happy about that.   Maybe I can find a way to get them inserted in their proper posts.