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Pre New Year Ramping Up



Next year.  Damnit.. Next year I’m going to MAKE something happen.

Luckily I’ll have (as of now) ~700 other people in the same boat. is a really neat idea and promises to be an interesting time.  The basic premise is.. It’s easy to start a game.. But it’s really rare for indies to actually FINISH something.     So hopefully this will be a great learning experience on several fronts.  a) Finishing something into a playable state  b) Rapidly developing and reusing code blocks  c) Judging Scope… yeah… that one’s gonna need some work.

So I’ve got 2 weeks or so to build a clean development profile and get all my tools laid out and possibly start making plans.


Overall.. excitement level is crancked up to 11 right about now.

More details Soon!