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Preparations for the new year


14 days to go before start of the challenge. (just shy of 1200 peeps now!)   And it’s time to get my head back in the game making state of mind.  So, as I usually do..  I’ve been making lists.   There was a nice discussion on reddit/gamedev about prep work and I’ve gone ahead and created a new user and made sure it’s got access to the tools I’ll need (and hopefully fewer of the distractions).   So here’s a few lists of tools I need etc.


  • Photoshop
  • Illustrator
  • Audition
  • Eclipse
  • LibGDX nightlies
  • GIT
  • Magix Music Maker 2013
  • GWT and various browsers.

So having that all squared away it’s time to look at the big picture.  My overall goal, the 10,000′ view, the grand plan, the whole burrito etc etc..

In short I want to walk away with components that I can use in ‘Drakkheim‘ the big dream game that’s been percolating for a couple years and have mastered LibGDX.  So Ideally I can break each of the 12 games down into just using a teeny tiny subset of all the features that I anticipate needing in the long run.

Which, of course, necessitated another list…

Features to Use:

  • Scalable & Draggable Massive Tile Map
  • Spriter / Spine Characters
  • Tile sidescroller pathfinding
  • AI
  • Economic Model
    • food. availability vs taste vs risk + individual’s taste
  • Effects
  • Parallaxing Backgrounds
  • Tile or blend based lighting
  • Line of sight
  • Dialogs
  • Multiplayer?
  • particles
  • multiple scale UI
  • dynamic / generated character profiles and lifespan.
  • music
  • mods / community content
  • extensible data formatting
  • save /load games
  • world generation
  • server/account auth
  • self updating / version check

Whoo.. the more I think.. the more things I come up with.   But that’s a good start.

So now I’m getting a concise picture in my head of what tools I have to work with, which I find make it easier to narrow down something to make into a game.

At least that’s what I keep telling myself.

It’s either that or analysis paralysis setting in.

Maybe I’ll sleep on it.. or just sit here and wonder just what I’ve gotten myself into.