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Aaand we’re off.. Day1


And away we go.  Looks like 2,600 devs have signed up on now.  Which is pretty cool.

Jan editor

So I got the basic website up and running over at and a rudimentary level editor is up and running and saving and loading from the database.  Here’s a screenshot.

Yeah.. ok so not real exciting.

Ok I was working ahead over the holidays 🙂

Made some progress on the basic tileset, however I’m keeping January’s game very simple and more of a focus on getting the basic framework set up.

On the graphics front, it looks like a couple guys are developing an animation tool called Spine.

It’s very cool.   And it will support LibGDX right out of the box.  Which is perfect since that’s what I’m using.   I backed Brashmonkey’s Spriter spriter animation tool and hoped to use it.. however they’re running behind schedule and there’s no real progress on a java implementation and frankly I don’t want to write one.


So  Spine.. as soon as they launch their kickstarter and whatnot I intend to start using that for the character graphics.  In fact here’s a screenshot of a simple goblin figure I’m working with.

So hopefully that’ll be the big update in march 🙂

Other than that I’ve got the basic Game app working, a good start on getting an asset loader implemented and a loading screen that caches the assets and handles the scene transition.  And last but not least, I’ve got it pulling in a level by shortcode in as a JSON object.

Ok now I’ve earned an hour of FarCry3..