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Day 5 – Progress Update – MAP!


Well It’s been a good week for progress 🙂  I’ve got the html based web based level editor, saving to the database and shooting JSON encoded levels to the game proper.

The game loads screens and their assets based off of manifest files that are easy to update and maintain.  The ‘loading’ level shows a progress bar and fetches the needed assets for the next screen and makes screen transitions clean, simple and easy.

I’ve knocked out a basic Logo and Title Text  (seen above) and the core tileset is mostly there for the features I need in January’s Game.  As indicated above, the January game’s subtitle is ‘Invasion’ .  Focusing entirely on building and defending your dragon’s egg from the invading heroes.   I hope to have 4 levels to choose from by the end of the month. (and hopefully make it so you can play your own level from the editor)

Day5-SummaryThe game runs at a nice 5,450 FPS when not vsync’d on my desktop and a nice smooth 60fps  even on my POS T-Mobile myTouch phone.  (not sure how to unlock vsynch on android :-/  so i don’t know how much leeway I have)

Right click drags the map about on PC and a two finger drag on Android.   Overall I should be able to manage fairly massive levels without much overhead as it’s never looping the entire array just the elements to be displayed.  But the biggest bottleneck is probably going to be pathfinding…. shit I hate A*..

Which brings me to the next week’s goal..  Monsters and pathfinding.  (no animation this month)   Buy a goblin and tell him to go to a spot.   Maybe basic combat/collisions.