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Milestone 2: Week 1 – Mappage Commences

Ok so we’re going to go on pretending February didn’t exist at all and here we are at the beginning of milestone 2.

Good progress this week (ok it’s been 2 days, short week)

No new playable build for a bit, there’s just a lot of groundwork to do before any of this stuff pays off.

“Just what is the big push for Milestone 2” I hear you ask?

Full game map generation and room editor.

This week I think I’ve got the maze generator 90% of the way there, it’s now generating a maze and throwing in some internal extra branches because the basic depth first algorithm doesn’t have a lot of internal branches for smaller mazes like BSDDoD will be using.

And secondly

I’ve got a level editor 75% functional, still needs to write the output files and have some sort of load capability. But it draws the level and lets you select and fill tiles.

Level Editor