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A good weekend’s worth of progress.

ss0Made a pretty hefty chunk of progress over the weekend and last two nights.

Some behind the scenes work with putting everything in the level controlled by a manager object that keeps track of what’s going on and what to spawn next.







Off the top of my head:

  • WSAD controls work.
  • Money powerup (yellow dots)
  • Magic powerup (blue Sigils)
  • monsters drop money and score interfaces.
  • New guis
  • Basic fundamentals of waves are in place. 
  • Object thresholds are in place so (in theory) it shouldnt crash due to too many simultanious spawns.


As always this is an alpha build, play with it at yer own risk.

 Graphics are primarily placeholders.. No there isn’t any sound yet. 

You can download it here (3.94mb)

Feedback always appreciated.

2 thoughts on “A good weekend’s worth of progress.

  1. Oh those were just the things I added in that weekend.

    And according to my TGB license I have to show the Torque logo for at least that long on every startup.
    Its pretty likely that I’ll use that time to load game assets once I get more that the few I have now. then I can put in a loading bar.

  2. Monsters drop… score interfaces? I don’t know what you’re talking about.

    There ought to be a way to skip the splash screens. I know its only 2 seconds or something, but its *my* 2 seconds, dammit.
    Personal best: “Phase 8, 104 gold”

    Anyway… yay progress!

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