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Further Mapmaking Tools and Integration

Got some good progress done.  The online Map editor is coming along nicely with some new additions such as, saving to a database, generating exportable content files for integration into Torque.  Still I need to do a couple things to it, mainly bulletproofing the submitted maps to make sure I don’t forget to add doors, things are sealed properly etc etc. 

The main Maze generation version 1 was put into place yesterday.  But the recursive backtepping algorithem .. er.. well it doesn’t branch enough. 

So I’m looking at adding some percentage of randomness to it, so that the further from r[0] it gets the greater the chance of it forcing a branch.  Not exactly sure how that will work in avoiding dead spaces. 

It’s either trying to get that working or either implement another algorithem. 

Referencing the table a bit down, is making me lean towards Kruskal’s or Prim’s Algorithem since they have a high number of dead ends and a low ‘river’ ie.. they don’t have huge long curvy passeges with few branches.  

Other than that, the actual game is already loading the metaTiles (maps from the web map maper) properly into the engine and using them to randomly build the dungeon based on the exits in the maze cells.  So some real progress has been made.  After I get a better maze generated it’ll be time to start hooking up doors based on triggers on the tile map so that’ll be interesting.  Hopefully I should have the next alpha available to play with in a week or so.