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Summer Heat

It’s over 100F outside again.

There’s just something about the summer here in Texas that just completely sucks the drive out of you. Even if you spend the day indoors in an office, just walking to the car and driving home, by the time 8pm rolls around any desire or motivation you’ve got left is a shriveled little mass of ambition that’s trying desperately to get into the shade and take a nap.

However, you’ve just gotta work through it, right?  Right??

So in the fine tradition of starting more projects…

There’s 2 new things in the works.

1 – Some really cool web/app/mobile/ fun in a techy sort of way.

That currently looks something like this:

2 – Something to get me away from the computer more and let myself switch gears completely.

That currently looks something like this:


You’ll notice a new look for the site.. a slight decrease in the emphasis on games, and a bit more on development and consulting work.

Oh and a quick update on the Barnyard Bonanza Development,  It’s been real slow due to the really cool bit of consulting work that’s eaten every spare waking hour for the last 40 days.  However it looks like the launch has been pushed back from Jul 28 to some time in Feb.. So  I’m taking a deep breath and re-introducing myself to the codebase.. It appears that there’s been a significant couple of updates to LibGDX in the meanwhile so I may decide to tackle that, but seeing as I’m using large chunks of the Scene2D api that’s been completely rewritten.. I may just cross my fingers and skip em for the initial release of BB.