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Texas in August… yup still hotter n hell.

There’s something to be said for being slowly roasted alive every time you step outside… usually something along the lines of ‘you idiot get back inside, are you crazy???!?’

It also has the tendency to bake the willpower to do extra projects out of you.

So, in short, it’s been real slow going.  Consulting work is in full swing, however.  Lots of new and fun small projects.    Which got me thinking..

And then I had to grab a cold drink…

then I thought some more.

Small projects.  Bite size things.  Sexy, whiz bang, fun things.

So I’m making a list.  Checking it twice. Scratching out things that can’t be done in a week’s worth of the two hours of time I have after the tiny terrible terrific tot of terror passes out in his bed.

First up.  Project Ultrashow.   But as usual, paying work comes first.. so next Thursday looks to be the first day of available freetime.