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Day 20 – Update

Whoa… so very very very close to being a real game.

This week I got, victory and failure implemented.

Graphics, monsters, particles, a revised UI backend and fun stuff

here’s a video from a couple days ago:

and Since then there’s been particles added, healing aura around the dragon egg and the beginning of playbalancing implemented.

Windows EXE:

Mac / Linux Java Jar :

if you want to try em.

Here’s the victory and defeat screens if  you don’t want to find em yourself..

defeat victory

Other than that This is my remaining to-do list for the Jan release:

  • Final Levels
  • Sounde Effect – UI
  • Website
  • Web to Game – Round Methods implemnted
  • Win Screen
  • Title Screen Image
  • Allow to play custom level
  • Optional Goals
    • Sound Effect – monsters
    • Revise in game UI Look and feel
    • Make Android Playable
    • Implement Music

Yeah.. that’s totally doable!

Ok Very very tired now and not very coherent.