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Turkey Time approaches.

Well the year sure went fast. 

Been playing with some basic python and pygame stuff.  Seems like a pretty easy to learn language and api, just havent gotten myself convinced for the need to learn yet another language… oh well Im sure I’ll think of something to use for an excuse.

But it probably wont be until Xmas.  Letting the brain relax and just enjoying some neglected games and movies and such.  blah blah blah blah..

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Wheee Arts and Crafts!

So I decided to be cheap creative this year for halloween and make my own mask.  Something that will fit over my glasses.

So yesterday I made a thin sheet of Sculpey and placed it on som e foid which I then pressed me noggin into.  Wrap some wires around it so it holds its shape and peel it off and slip into the overn, and presto! 

Then put some foil on it.


Then Bulk it out 

And finally Detail it some more.

Now its in the oven baking.  then tomorrow some light sanding to smooth some bits and then some primer and painting.

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wishlist of goodies galore

Ho ho ho, tis the season when people keep asking me what I want for the holidays etc .. 

So this year I got (sorta) organized.

Started updating my amazon wishlist which is available here:

I’ll try and keep it updated with my desires 🙂 

Maybe there should be a myspace plugin thing so you can share wishlists with friends, if anyone knows of one plz leave a comment.  Til then, amazon it is.

[update] I’ll put it on the links list over on the right ——>